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“Let food be thy medicine”

The Greek philosopher Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  Who else totally gets this idea?

Think about the many ways we use simple foods to help with a common cold, like making hot lemon, honey and ginger drinks & eating citrus fruits to boost vitamin C and antioxidants to ward off nasty bugs.  There’s also good old wholesome chicken soup which millions of people swear by to cure a cold with its liquid hydration and vitamins which can help sooth yucky symptoms.

But I believe it goes so much deeper than cold cures, that it’s a holistic approach to respect and care for our most important asset, our health.  And it is such a simple concept, using simple ingredients to make REAL FOOD that is as delicious as it is beneficial.

I’m super interested in the work of Dr. Mark Hyman, a bestselling writer, family doctor and champion of functional medicine (a way of treating  chronic health problems by looking at the body as an integrated system and getting to the real reasons behind disease).  Dr. Hyman strongly advocates using food for health and I’ve quoted one of his most powerful messages here.



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You can get more information about Dr. Hyman’s work by clicking on this link Dr. Mark Hyman .



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