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A New Life: Texas Sunshine☀️

It’s GREAT to back to blogging after 8 months away!  It’s been kinda crazy this year at IKHQ as we packed up our jobs and lives in New York City and relocated to Austin, Texas.  We sold a house in the UK, bought a house in Austin, started a new school and job and are settling down in this beautiful part of the United States.

Austin is the state capitol of Texas and is a lush and green outdoorsy city with great food, live music and a good arts scene.  We love the weather so far and despite the fact that July and August were very very hot, the sun shines every day and makes everything seem positive.  Austinites are super friendly and easy going and our kids have transitioned well into their new school.  Happy days.


It’s also a very health conscious city.  The gorgeous weather lends itself to runners, cyclists, and watersports with tons of gyms to boot too.  Plus the headquarters of Whole Foods (!) is here.  Barbecue and Mexican restaurants also mix happily with health food choices so there’s balance and something for everyone here.

In my new kitchen I’m enjoying cooking with mainly local ingredients.  These days I’m eating an almost exclusively plant based diet with the family eating a lot less red meat too.  It’s been a natural progression over the last year and is suiting us just fine.  My better half will, once in a while, stamp his foot and go out for gas station barbecue (this is a thing here with some of the best barbecue joints located where you can also fill up on gas and get your car washed too!).

My lunch today is bright and colorful and I wanted to reflect a little Texas sunshine onto the plate!  I’m currently loving these shoshito peppers, sautéed in a little olive oil till blistered.  Usually 1 or 2 peppers in each pack are spicy and I did have 1 in my selection today 🔥.  I added sautéed brussel sprouts, black beans along with some avocado, vine tomato and arugula with a dollop of spicy hummus to finish the dish.  Shoshito peppers are full of fiber which is important to keep cholesterol levels balanced as well as of course maintaining healthy digestion.


It’s so great to be back :).  Have a great weekend 😀😃.


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