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Winter is Coming!: Berry, Nutty Breakfast Oats

Here in NYC we’ve gotten away with some mild end of year weather so far but wintery weather is definitely on its way at the end of this week.  To be quite honest I don’t mind the cold too much these days as I don’t drive and living in the city I do much of my transportation on foot.  This helps keep me warm and gets the blood circulating nicely!

I find that a really big nourishing breakfast helps me stay on the warm side too and during the winter I eat a lot of oats and oat bran.  They’re really filling and I usually top them with nuts, seeds, fruit and yogurt for extra flavor too.  Today’s breakfast was a typical weekday start with oat bran and some mixed berry jam that I make and keep in the fridge.  This quick cook jam recipe recipe uses no refined sugar, just some honey for a touch of sweetness.  The original recipe uses raspberries but I tend to use any berries I have in the fridge.  Yesterday it was blueberries and raspberries.

This bowl is a really complete meal of slow release carbs energy from the oats, protein and low saturated fat from the nuts, vitamins from the berries and a little calcium from the greek yogurt.  Yum yum.



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