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Salad Days and Learning Days: Wellness in the Schools

Image 10-28-17 at 9.42 AMThis week has been both exhilarating and exhausting in equal measure!  I embarked on my first rotation of teaching cooking and nutrition classes (WITS Labs) for my new role with Wellness in the Schools.  I taught over 400 elementary school aged children to make homemade tomato sauce and talked about the nutrients in tomatoes as well as the fresh produce that’s in season now in the Fall.  We tasted the finished sauce with some pasta and I can happily report that a lot of eating happened :).  Here I am asking the kids if they can hear sizzling garlic in a 2nd grade classroom 😃.

Another part of my role is working with the school food kitchen staff to prepare and deliver the healthier lunch menu.  We’ve been working on providing more choice on the school’s salad bar so the students can eat the rainbow of veggies for lunch.  The corn salad is very popular!



Click here for more information on Wellness in the Schools.


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