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New Job, Exciting Times: Wellness in the Schools

I’ve been off the blogging radar for the past month and it feels really great to be tapping away on my laptop again!  I’ve got a great reason for being MIA and it’s because I have a wonderful new job :).

I’m working for an amazing non-profit organization called Wellness in the Schools.  Wellness in the Schools works nationwide to fight the childhood obesity epidemic in the US by partnering with public schools to provide nutrition and fitness education, working with school food staff to implement healthier school lunch menus as well as to provide brilliant active recess sessions.  They are a totally awesome and inspirational team 😀.

The elementary school I’m working in is in Brooklyn, New York and it is implementing this program for the first time.  I work alongside the school food cooks helping them deliver the healthier lunch menu to students as well as being a general resource for healthy eating and wellness that the school can use.  I will also be teaching cooking and nutrition classes to students, the first of which starts in a few days time.  I am super excited to be working in the classroom again.

I’ll be blogging more about this throughout this academic year so keep an eye out for new posts!



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