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Eating on Vacation: A Balancing Act

We’ve just returned from a week’s trip to Maine, at spectacular Acadia National Park.  We pitched our tent in a beautiful spot where the kids ran free and we were able to relax and enjoy the fresh air as well as sleeping under the stars.  Magical.


When it comes to food on vacation, I believe that part of the fun of holidays is the eating part (!) and so I tend to loosen the reins a little and eat things I really fancy, knowing that I will switch back to my regular nutritious diet on my return home.  These days it always balances out and I have found I can control my weight pretty easily this way. Plus I like vacations with plenty of physical exercise – hiking, biking etc. so that also helps too.  I believe that a balanced & sensible approach to food works wonders so when you have the odd treat, it will taste all the better.


We enjoyed all the seafood this vacation with Maine clams, lobster and calamari.  We also encountered popovers, very similar to English Yorkshire Puddings or a cross between a croissant and a muffin which are enjoyed with jam or ice cream.  The kids were treated to home brewed local root beer and blueberry soda which hit the spot after a 2 hour hike around Jordan’s Pond, a beautiful lake in Acadia.

We’ll be going back to Maine sometime very soon, we miss it already :).





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