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Ooh Saucy: 5 Great Condiment Meals

Just call my better half the King of condiments :).  He is obsessed with condiments of every variety – hot sauces, pickles, chutney, dressings, sauces etc.


We have every conceivable type in our fridge and contrary to popular belief, we eat all of them in rotation with just about every meal.  He’s hooked the kids onto it now too ;).

Keeping an eye on the ingredients used to make bottled condiments is key.  I only buy sauces that are either low in (or without) added sugar and low in salt content.  I also use ones with clean, minimal ingredients that I can either recognize or pronounce.

I love the idea of elevating the humble table sauce into something more special and using it as a main ingredient in cooking.  From Jambalaya to a delicious Maple Mustard chicken dish, here’s 5 dinner ideas for simple and delicious weeknight meals.


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