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I’ll Just Have Water Thanks: Let’s Drink to Better Health

Right now I feel like I’m drinking my body weight in water!  The sweltering weather is bonkers here on the East Coast and ice cold water is the only thing that I feel like drinking.

I NEVER used to drink enough water.  I either forgot, drank tea or coffee instead and just didn’t include it as part of my diet.  What a mistake :).  Once I started working out on a regular basis and changed my eating patterns, I found I naturally needed more water and so now I drink between 5-8 glasses per day.  This has resulted in clearer skin, improved digestion and frankly more energy during the day.  Very very useful.

Here’s a great infograph on the benefits of drinking water for health and wellbeing that includes a simple math guideline for getting enough hydration.  Hope it helps!



  1. Love this! I had heard about this equation and used it is a baseline, which would have resulted in about 60oz for me, but now I shoot for 100oz! When I don’t drink water I just don’t feel RIGHT, and it’s just so refreshing and wakes you up 🙂

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