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Terrific Tofu: A Vegan Lunch Plate

I LOVE Buddha Plates. They’re like your own personal (healthy) buffet. So, for today’s post, I have made a gorgeous Tofu Buddha Plate. I used smoked tofu made with sprouted soybeans. For vegans, tofu is an AWESOME source of protein. For the one I’m using, one serving of tofu has 14g of protein, which is almost 30% of your daily intake! As well as this, smoked tofu will satisfy your cravings in the same way a portion of meat could. This Buddha Plate was delicious, but feel free to customize yours and make it your own!

Buddha IngredientsPlate Recipe


  1. So true! When I am pressed for time, I just cut tofu, throw it on top of whatever veggies are on hand, and sprinkle some balsamic vinegar on it. It’s a complete meal – tofu is so satisfying, as well as versatile.

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