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Going Crackers: Sigdal Bakeri Crispbread

Today’s the first day in 3 weeks that I’ve been able to get to my laptop and work on the blog!  My kids finished school for the Summer a while back and it’s been pretty hectic since then.  I’ve now got much more time with 1 child in camp and the other (my eldest 12 year old Izzie) is working for Izzie’s Kitchen as an intern for a few weeks.  She’s assisting with blog content, food styling, photography and social media presence.  All the styling and photography for this post is her work.  A good start!

I’m delighted to be supporting Sigdal Bakeri who make the most delicious and satisfying Norweigan crispbreads that are full of clean, wholesome ingredients.  There are gluten free options too that are perfect for me when I’m keeping an eye on gluten intake.

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For this lunch spread we topped a Rye & Spelt Bran crispbread with radish and cream cheese, a Herbs & Sea Salt option with smoked salmon and cream cheese, a Gluten Free Oats one with peanut butter and berries plus another Gluten Free option with Sunflower Seeds and Quinoa topped with avocado and egg.  A great lunch for us bloggers :)).

For more details on these lovely crispbreads, go to Sigal Bakeri.



  1. Wow! Your daughter’s photography skills are amazing. Particularly, the food styling is out of the world! Kudos to your daughter for starting internship early at the young age of 12. Have a safe and healthy summer! xoxo, Steph

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