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A Matcha Made in Heaven: Matcha Powder

If you follow nutrition or wellness advocates on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll see it matcha get used all the time.  This green powder is everywhere!

It took me ages to come around to matcha powder simply because it has a potent and uniquely woody taste that takes some getting used to (though the more you spend on your matcha powder, the better, smoother flavor you’ll get).

I’ve been taking matcha powder mixed with almond milk which dilutes the woody taste and gives the drink a lovely, comforting taste.  This photo of my matcha almond milk latte was taken when I ordered one in lepainquotidien, a chain of coffee shops here in the US and in many other countries too, serving excellent nutritious, clean-eating dishes and drinks that I really enjoy.  My better half complains that it’s a “girls’ salad joint” so I save visiting it for precious me-time occasions.  Honestly.


So what’s the big deal about matcha?  Matcha is a green tea leaf which is processed by picking the leaves young and then steaming them to protect all the valuable nutrients.  The leaves are then dried and ground into a fine powder.  You can drink the powder mixed with hot water or milk, or add it as an ingredient to smoothies.

Matcha has antioxidant properties, helping to protect the body against infection plus it can help detoxify it too.  It can improve your mood by reducing anxiety and also boost brain function by creating a feeling of calmness.  Much needed in our house :).



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