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Easy like Tuesday Mornings: Egg & Avocado Taco

This morning’s breakfast was whipped up in a bit of a hurry as I overslept :(. We are all usually out of the house by 7.30am and quite honestly it takes us ages get up and at ’em!

Anyway my son Charlie has a school field day today and he’s running in both the quarter mile and the 100 meter races.  He needed a protein rich breakfast much like this one (that I make regularly and also as a lunch option).  This is a warmed gluten free taco topped with a pan-fried egg, avocado, cucumber, scallions, hot sauce and a squeeze of lime.

Eating your protein (such as from the egg here) early in the day prevents you from feeling sleepy and lethargic in the mornings plus it stops you from craving foods that you shouldn’t really be eating (eg. sugary, empty calorie foods). Protein helps every cell in our bodies function properly and eating nutrient dense protein like eggs keeps you ticking along efficiently throughout the day.

Fingers crossed that Charlie comes home happy, he’s runner in the family :).

Egg & Avocado Taco Gluten Free Final


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