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A Touch of Spice: Afternoon Tea

The sun never quite made it out of the clouds yesterday and by mid afternoon I was in need of a little pick me up to help me get through a ton of work.

Recently I’ve been drinking these delicious Island Spice Teas from Carifreshers that are made with wonderful whole ingredients:  rooibos, ginger, cinnamon & green cardamom with vanilla.  Once the delicate teabag is infused in hot water, the aroma it gives is both spicy and a little earthy with a taste that’s really nutritious and comforting.

Rooibos tea or “red tea” as it’s also known has been used for centuries as a natural healing medicine.  It has a host of health benefits including boosting the immune system and relieving aches and pains such as stomach ache and headaches.

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I also enjoyed some plain yogurt with blackberries plus these banana almond muffins that I made yesterday and which have proved very popular amongst my blog readers – click here for that recipe.   This turned it all into an afternoon teatime treat that hit the spot for sure!

For more information on Carifreshers fresh drinks and teas, click here.


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