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Mineral wealth 2.0: Pan Fried Tofu and Zucchini

Magnesium.  A magnificent, marvellous mineral (try saying that quickly!) that our bodies need for vital muscle, nerve and heart functions.

It’s an essential mineral that we obtain through food and for those on a plant based diet, tofu and dark green vegetables as well as avocado are all great sources.

This lunch is magnesium happy.  I pan-fried some extra firm tofu in a little olive oil with baby kale leaves, chopped celery and chopped zucchini.  I then added some soy sauce, sesame seeds and seasoned well, frying for a few minutes on a high heat.  Once I’d plated it up I finished off with half a sliced avocado.  Utterly delicious and totally nutrient dense.

zuchhini and tofu stirfry for pinterest

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