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Freeze Frame: Mixed Berry Oatmeal Bowl

My breakfast oatmeal bowl is always topped with fruit as I love the flavor combination of creamy oats and sweet or tart fruit.  Delicious!

I buy fresh fruit every week but also keep packs of frozen fruit on hand when fresh produce is either not in season, not available or just too expensive.  Frozen fruit is a great freezer staple as you can thaw it really quickly plus the fruit is generally picked at peak ripeness and then frozen.  This process makes sure the fruit is at its nutrient dense best.

Today’s bowl was made with oats mixed with flax & chia seeds and topped with fresh and frozen blueberries and raspberries.  I also added some sliced banana, almonds and a dollop of plain yogurt.  The berries are a wonderful source of antioxidants which protect the body and boost the immune system.  They’re also a superb choice of fiber which is important for a healthy digestive system.

Have a wonderful day!

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