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Breakfast on the Go: Egg & Avo Toasted Bagel with a Green Juice

I always ALWAYS eat breakfast.  Seriously always.  I’m famished in the mornings and love breakfast time  (a highlight of my day!).

Here are some reasons why breakfast is great for health and wellbeing:

When strapped for time, I make breakfast to-go which I can wrap up and pop into my bag.  Today it’s pan fried egg, avocado and some delicious vine tomato on a gluten-free toasted bagel.  I’m also adding a Carifreshers Vincy Green juice blended with 6 simple ingredients (kale, celery, cucumber, apple, ginger and lemon).  It’s a lovely morning drink and my son Charlie & I will be sharing it (I never get my own food when he’s around!!).

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This breakfast has the perfect balance of good fats from the avocado and egg, a mix of fruit and veggies from the juice and tomato plus energy giving carbs from the bagel.  Perfect nutrition for this morning’s school run on foot.

Have a wonderful day!.

For more information on Carifreshers drinks click here.


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