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I can (Vitamin) C clearly now: Veggie Lunch Plate

Just take a look at this plate – so much color, flavor and stacks and stacks of Vitamin C :).

This is a combo of leftover roasted carrots, zucchini and yellow peppers from last night’s dinner plus a generous portion of sautéed butternut squash noodles, some homemade almond and cilantro pesto as well as a big handful of spinach leaves.

The pesto is pretty rusticly made, just a big handful of cilantro, about a cup of almonds, some garlic, seasoning and a little olive oil all blended till smooth.  I made about 1 cup’s worth of pesto which has now fed 4 people.  Yum yum.

All of these vegetables plus the cilantro are a great source of vitamin C.  This vital nutrient benefits the body in a variety of ways and here listed are my favorite ones:

  • Boosts the immune system to fight infection.
  • Works to lower high blood pressure (so great!).
  • Produces a positive mood through signals transmitted to the brain.
  • Helps repair wounds and speeds up the growth of the skin’s repair tissues.
  • Promotes healthy eyes.



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