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Charlie’s Perfect Parfait

My son Charlie loves parfait for breakfast and since it’s the weekend, I made one for him that he really enjoyed.

Parfait is a great way of jazzing up yogurt and fruit and presenting it as something more fancy and special.  Aside from berries, you could use chopped apple or pear, stone fruit such as apricots or peaches as well as dried fruit.  Yum.

I layered Greek yogurt, berries and some granola which I made yesterday (I toasted some oats, almonds and flax and chia seeds plus a little salt till golden brown).  Charlie likes more fruit and less yogurt so the layering’s a bit uneven but never mind :).

FullSizeRender 4

Greek yogurt is a great breakfast option.  It has plenty of protein nutrition and less sodium content than plain yogurt.  It’s also got a naturally thicker and creamier texture than plain yogurt making it a brilliant choice for cooking and a cleaner eating alternative to cream too.


  1. I used to love parfait too! I am going to try a variation of this and see how it turns out (I can’t have dairy:( ) I’ll see how vegan yogurt compares to what I remember yogurt tastes like!

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