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Achoo!! Foods for Seasonal Allergies

My son Charlie’s allergy season has unfortunately come round again.  His problems are with tree pollen and during April and May apart from the sneezing and runny nose, his eyes stream, itch, swell up and are very sore.  Last year it got so bad he had to have a steroid shot to reduce the symptoms.

This year I’m taking action of a more natural nutrition packed kind.  Today he bathed his eyes with some cold teabags which helped reduce the puffiness massively.  I’m also feeding him much more fruit and vegetables high in Vitamin C and carotenoids (found in red, yellow and orange produce) which have really useful anti-inflamatory properties. Finally he’s eating local honey which has been known to help build up immunity to allergies. Whether the honey works or not, he’s happy to have it every day!

Today’s lunch is a delicious plate of clean eating Vitamin C and carotenoid goodness with a veggie burger thrown in for good measure.  Let’s hope it gives him some relief 😃 .




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