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Easter Feaster: Avocado & Toast Breakfast

We’ve come back down to reality after a wonderful week away but the sun is shining here in Brooklyn today and we’ll be making the most of the outdoors.

IMG_1088Before then, I’ll be hitting the gym and so need a pre-workout breakfast sufficiently satisfying to help me make the most of the exercise.  I topped a gluten-free piece of toast with sliced avocado and a little side salad, plus a small bowl of Greek yogurt, berries, seeds and a little chocolate chip granola bar.  Well it is Easter after all!

Avocado is really good to eat before you exercise but I try to eat it at least an hour or so in advance of the gym so it can digest properly and I can get its full benefits (such as sustained energy).

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday and a very Happy Easter to you.

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