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Bite Sized: Fruit Kebabs with Yogurt Dipping Sauce

This week I’ve been talking about super tasty, nutritious food we can eat a) to satisfy us and b) provide us with energy.

This also applies to kids who require nutrient dense food to keep them active and healthy.  So I’ve put together a yummy snack that works equally well for a child’s light breakfast.


These color popping fruit kebabs took about 5 mins to put together.  I added a little dipping sauce; some plain yogurt mixed with a little vanilla extract and agave syrup (you could use honey too).  Finish off with a sprinkling of poppy seeds and coconut flakes you’ve got a sweet little bite sized dish.

Fruit and yogurt are fantastic together.  The vitamins and minerals from the fruit plus the protein and calcium from the yogurt give kids a boost to their immune system, work to make their bones strong and healthy and give them the energy they need to power through the day.  Cool 😎.


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