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IMG_097715 years ago today, Jonny & I were married on a warm Saturday in London.  It was the last sunny day of a 3 week freak heatwave in England and we thanked our lucky stars the weather held on for our big day.

Over the course of these years we’ve moved house 6 times, had 2 kids, adopted a little dog, lived in 3 different continents and had some wonderful experiences.  All good stuff.

What have I learnt over 15 years of marriage? Well, whilst you and your partner may be totally different personalities (& drive each other nuts from time to time), the sense of shared values and a cracking good sense of humor keeps a marriage alive:).  I’m very lucky to be with someone so optimistic, funny and wise.  He really is my best friend.

Attachment-1 (2)Now enough of the schmaltz and on with today’s post!  A cute little bowl of berries, almonds & yogurt and some delicious Eating Evolved coconut butter chocolate mint cups (made with minimal clean ingredients that’s also low in added sugar).  This is a lovely & substantial snack that also acts to provide a decent amount of protein.  The protein in the yogurt, almonds and coconut keeps you satisfied as well as working to help build and repair tissues, including muscles, bones and skin.

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