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Power Hungry: Egg Salad on Wholewheat Bread

The focus of my posts this week is to show foods that provide sufficient amounts of energy to help us power through day as well providing a feeling of fullness.

IMG_0967On this point, I promised to make my son Charlie some turkey burgers last night so had to pick up some burger rolls on my way home.  I ended up actually buying these fantastic fresh mini loaves from a great grocery store here in Brooklyn called Union Market that are made with simple ingredients: wholewheat flour, honey, olive oil, flax seeds, rye, sesame seed and sunflower seeds, oats and millet.  Super clean carbs eating with slow energy release properties from the wholegrain.

I tend to avoid wheat these days as I can have problems digesting it but these were so tempting that I kept one over for lunch today and made this simple but delicious sandwich with an egg salad, spinach, cucumber and tomato filling.

I’ve found I need to eat carbs like this in the morning & middle of the day (rather than the evening) to sustain me & prevent the tiredness/low energy crash that can occur mid afternoon.  It works really well for me as I’m usually out and physically active in the afternoon & so need the energy that carbs release to tide me over till the evening.

Not much else to add except that I hope you have a great Tuesday:).



  1. Of course, your titles are PERFECT! It’s one thing to feel full and one thing to feel powerful. But the both together? Ahh a perfect match! Thanks for sharing Shadee! xoxo Steph

    p.s.: I’ve shared the foodie alphabet to my other blogger friends and they’re enjoying it so much! Thanks for starting this!

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