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Smooth Operator: Berry Smoothie Bowl

IMG_0944.jpgI don’t know where I’d be breakfast-wise without my blender.  The one I use is the Nutribullet Magic Bullet which is small enough to fit into my NYC pint-sized kitchen.  It’s really powerful but maybe a little noisy for 1st thing in the morning (as blenders tend to be).  My better half and kids audibly groan when I announce I’m about to blend something and then I usually frighten the dog too when I turn the thing on.  All in a morning’s work.

Today’s blending created a fantastically beautiful berry smoothie bowl.  I combined half a frozen banana, a cup each of strawberries, frozen raspberries and blueberries with a little water to make this glorious berry color.  Little Izzie then decorated the smoothie with some plan yogurt swirls, pumpkin seeds and some fresh pomegranate seeds.  Really delicious, super clean eating and packed full of vitamins and minerals nutrition.


I use my blender for other types of food prep too from grinding nuts & seeds, to blending avocado and making fresh pesto and hummus.  It ends up being a really good value addition to the kitchen too as I can buy certain ingredients in cheaper bulk form to make dips, sauces and smoothies.

For more info on Nutribullet Blenders click here.


  1. This is beautiful!!! I just got a vitamix replacing my NutriBullet and yeah… I thought my NutriBullet was loud till now 😳😳😳 vitamix is a whole other sound monster 😜lol

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