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Making an (oat)meal of it: Granola & Bluberry Yogurt Bowl

As in many homes, weekend breakfasts at IK HQ are very important.  We get the time to sit down together, eat a non-rushed breakfast & talk about the week gone by.  I really treasure these breakfasts, even on this Saturday morning when it’s still grey & wet after 24 hours of rainfall!


Breakfast today was a cozy and comforting bowl of oatmeal topped with my homemade granola, blueberries and yogurt.

I made up this clean eating granola by combining about 2 cups of oats, 2 tbsp of honey, 1/2 cup of flax and chia seeds, 3 tbsp of pumpkin seeds, some crushed walnuts and a little salt.  I then baked the mix in a preheated oven at 350f for about 25 mins.  Super tasty and it keeps really well for ages in a container with a tight fighting lid.

I probably eat oatmeal 4-5 times a week for breakfast.  Oats are extremely cost-effective and nutritious.  1 standard serving of oats (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup) provides whole grain goodness with plenty of fiber.  Fiber is very important in our diet and it helps reduce blood pressure, is excellent for digestive health and helps with weight maintenance by keeping you full for longer periods of time.



  1. I love eating oatmeal for breakfast! I always make overnight oats since they’re super quick and easy, but sometimes I’ll make warm rolled oats. What kind of oatmeal do you eat? I find that steel cut (though extremely nutritious) takes too long to cook!

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