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Egg-cellent: Poached Eggs & Avocado on Gluten Free Toast

Tomorrow –  Saturday April 1 is April Fools Day and my 2 kids are planning to prank their friends big time (and probably my better half and me too).  I’m hoping to outwit them & not end up with egg on my face.

I did my best not to get actual egg on my face this morning with this gorgeous breakfast of avocado & poached eggs on toast with some vibrant and colorful heirloom & grape tomatoes.  I’m not the world’s best egg poacher, it just so fiddly to do when you’re making breakfast at the crack (gettit?) of dawn but luckily I got it right first time today.  I spread some gluten-free toast with  a little mashed avocado, then topped it with the eggs and sprinkled some fresh parsley for a winning combination.


This is a really fantastic clean eating breakfast with the inclusion of avocado and eggs.  The unsaturated fat in avocados reduces inflammation, balances out your heartbeat and reduces LDL (the bad cholesterol which increases your risk of heart disease).  The vitamin D nutrition contained in eggs helps grow healthy hair and nails.  Pretty nifty for a super popular breakfast.


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