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Sandwich Maker: Tuna Salad, Celery & Avocado Gluten Free Bagel

This is the name we give to those contraptions that toast sandwiches which burn the roof of the mouth and the tongue right? Well today I’m calling myself The sandwich maker with this super loaded (if rather messy) & delicious bagel I’ve just put together (no burning involved).

IMG_0910I’ve got some tuna salad with chopped celery, some sliced avocado, radish and romaine lettuce on a toasted gluten-free sesame bagel.  I’m writing this post quite quickly in order to go eat it asap :).

Tuna is part of the oily fish family and contains Omega 3 fatty acids, an important contributor to good heart health.

The lovely Jess, whose super blog Grubbing with Jess is one to definitely read for great ideas on food & fitness, has suggested I come up with my favorite foods for the Foodie Alphabet challenge.  So before I list mine, I’d like to recommend these other great bloggers to do the same!:

Stepanie & Serena at Avolicious

Jyothi at The Friendly Epicurean

Gail at Snapshots in Cursive


My A-Z Foodie Alphabet





Elderflower cordial



Hot sauce

Iced water (I is so difficult!!!)



Lady’s fingers (Okra)


Nice cream (Ok bit of a cheat here, nice cream being frozen banana & not dairy  based)






Tea, Green or English of course

Udon noodles

Vinegar (apple cider or balsamic)


Xantham Gum – just started using it to help gluten-free flour work better for baking

Yellow squash

Zest (lime being my favorite)


  1. Oh my goodness! Shadee! I’m always blown away by your amazing creativity. That sandwich looks DIVINE!!! And of course, thanks for challenge! I’ll be writing the blog post ASAP and make sure to let you know once I’m finished. I love all 26 of your foods, but the kimchi and sushi is definitely mine too!!! Have a great rest of the week!

      1. Hey Shadee! Just finished my foodie alphabet. Would love for you to check in out on the blog! It was so fun creating one – I really struggle with X and I, haha. Thanks for the fun challenge. TGIF xoxo, Steph

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