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Going Green: Clean Eating Smoothie Bowl

Little 11 year old Izzie has clearly been watching too many cooking shows on TV because when I made this smoothie bowl for breakfast, she took out a toothpick and some yogurt & seeds and proceeded to decorate it chef style.  Pretty sweet right?

Smoothies are a useful way of eating fruit and vegetables and kale works well for this.  Kale is well known as a healthy food ingredient containing significant nutrition elements including Vitamin K.  Vitamin K is very important for blood clotting in the body but it also vital in helping build strong bones.

This morning’s clean eating smoothie bowl is blended with the following:

1 cup of kale

1 cup of frozen mango

1/2 frozen banana

1 cup of cooked & frozen cauliflower

8 0z coconut water

The toppings are pumpkin and poppy seeds, coconut flakes and a little plain yogurt.  I will also add some peanut butter to this but you could drizzle a little honey too.



  1. When using the frozen fruit, do you let them thaw before blending or does it work straight out of the freezer? When I tried a recipe, I found it difficult to create the consistency that I wanted when the fruit were still frozen for some reason…

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