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Fabulous Frittata

I posted a lot of ingredients on the blog this week and have some using up of leftovers to do this weekend :).  I find that omelets and frittatas are a super way to use up things you have in the fridge, whilst making something really delicious.

I made this clean eating frittata with the following:  5 beaten eggs, chopped up rainbow chard, sliced scallions, a small handful of diced zucchini, a little bit of leftover goat cheese and some chopped fresh parsley.  I whisked all the ingredients together then poured them into a hot non-stick skillet on a medium high heat. The salad was made with romaine and radicchio plus a big radish that was kicking around too.

I like to start the frittata on the stove until the base is golden brown then I finish it off by broiling it.  Broil – the meaning of this word eluded me for about a year when I first moved to the US.  In England we call it grilling (which is super confusing as you guys call that the action of pan frying).  I could go on here and tie myself up in knots, but it’s Saturday and my brain is on power save mode :).

One point on nutrition for this meal:  radishes are high in Vitamin C and contain a decent amount of fiber.  Good for the digestion, the immune system and pretty on the plate!  Have a wonderful weekend.



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