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Friday’s Fishy Dishy: Clean Eating Fish & Chips

When I was at high school in England, we always had fish on the lunch menu on Fridays.  I used to look really forward to Fridays because it meant 1 thing:  Fish & Chips with peas.  Absolutely delicious :).

These days I still enjoy Fish & Chips but I like to make a more clean eating version at home.  I use tilapia fish fillets and prepare them by dipping them in beaten egg, then a little gluten-free flour before pan frying them in some olive oil for a few minutes on each side.  Accompanying my fish today are some oven roasted potato wedges with a guacamole dipping sauce and a cucumber & scallion salad.


Tilapia is a nutrient friendly food item as it’s high in protein and contains a good amount of calcium (1 portion has about 11% of the RDA for calcium).

Happy Friday everybody!




  1. Shadee, healthy definitely does NOT mean that you have to give up your favorite dishes! Thanks for this great reminder. As much as fish and chips are not the healthiest dish, it is soo soo good. And like I mentioned in my “What is healthy?” post earlier this month, being healthy also means being mentally healthy. So depriving yourself of delicious dishes like fish and chips may be physically healthy but not mentally. I love love love that you recreated this dish so that it’s physically healthy but also mentally healthy! Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Steph

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