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Bagel Schmagel: Toasted Gluten Free Bagel 2 Ways

I think it’s safe to say that New York offers the best bagels, anywhere in the world :).  My first old school diner breakfast was in Manhattan about 3 years ago when we had just arrived to the US.  I ordered 1 huge bagel piled high with lashings of cream cheese and silky smoked salmon (lox).  It was so big I had to get my son Charlie (aka the human trash can) to help me finish it.  Nevertheless it was fantastic.

I had a real craving for bagels this morning but I mixed it up to have a 2 course clean eating breakfast.  I split a toasted gluten-free bagel (you can use any type of bagel but I’m trying out gluten-free ones this week) and decorated 1 half with lox and cream cheese and the other with peanut butter, strawberries and blueberries.

Peanut butter is one of those great little things for jazzing up toast. A regular portion of peanut butter is 2 tbsp and this contains significant nutrition benefits. It’s a really good source of protein, healthy fats and the mineral potassium.  Potassium benefits the workings of the heart plus it helps the nerves function correctly.




  1. Ahhh – my Sunday brunch weekly is a toasted plain bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon on top. That dish literally is what makes me survive and get through a hard and long week. So, with one eaten today, I’m ready for another long week before I get another one haha. Love that you listen to your cravings but make your cravings healthier! xoxo, Steph

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