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Salmoning Up the Courage: Oven Baked Salmon

My better half has to have some dental work done on 1 tooth and he’s freaking out.  He’s told the dentist that he wants to be knocked out during the extraction as he’s a nervous patient.  All for 1 tooth.  So he’s plucking up the courage to go to his appointment in a few days and I guess we’ll be hearing about it all for weeks afterwards ;).

I thought I’d cheer him up a little with some salmon as it’s our favorite fish to cook with. Today’s clean eating salmon dish was baked in the oven and served with a little celery and pepper salad plus some quinoa.  I like to cook salmon fillets by rubbing them with a little olive oil, lemon juice, dill and salt and pepper and cooking them for about 35 mins in a 400-420f oven.  I then finish it off in the skillet for a couple of mins to give it a lovely color.

Oily fish is a great way to boost levels of HDL cholesterol nutrition (the healthy good cholesterol we need).  A couple of portions of oily fish per week from either salmon, tuna or mackerel can go towards boosting the HDL levels.



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