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Hidden Treasure: Smoothie Bowl with Berries & Cauliflower

What do you think is in the base of this breakfast smoothie bowl?  Berries, banana maybe but what if I said cauliflower?  I might sound crazy but it’s a really awesome smoothie ingredient.

Cooked and then frozen cauliflower is good for smoothies as it adds luscious thickness but doesn’t affect the flavor.  I blended some frozen banana, frozen raspberries, frozen cauliflower as well as some almond milk (you could use water too) and got this lovely lilac colored smoothie.  The toppings today are pumpkin, flax and chia seeds, some cashew nuts plus some blueberries.  Really really good and very clean eating.

Cauliflower is extremely beneficial in nutrition terms as it contains a significant amount of Vitamin C plus it’s a really good source of dietary fiber.  A treasure indeed :).

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