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The Luck of the Irish 🍀: Gluten Free Toast 6 Ways

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day today and my son Charlie had to wear something green to school today, with the only item he owns being some green striped socks :).  I thought I’d do something a little better to mark this special day so here’s my homage to St. Patrick’s Day; a super green sandwich lunch.  Perfect celebration food for us Nutritionists!

Along with some gluten-free toast, I have here some whipped low-fat cream cheese, delicious fresh mozzarella plus cucumber, celery, avocado, radish, tomato and of course a little something sweet, some kiwi.

Not much more to say except that I will be sharing this with my better half later.  He’s happy.

I’m taking this opportunity to wish the wonderful Irish people both at home and overseas a very happy St. Patrick’s Day :).

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  1. Yum yum! I remember in third grade, my mom and I COMPLETELY forgot about St. Patricks Day and I didn’t wear anything green. The day will forever be remember by all the pinches I’ve got from my classmates haha. On the other hand, while I may have forgotten to wear something green, I definitely do not forget to EAT something green. In fact, NOT eating something green is hard for me. Already got my avocado green for lunch today! Not getting pinched!!! Thanks for sharing Shadee! xo, Steph

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