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Roast Post: Roasted Veggie Plate

This is my final post for this week’s Eat the Rainbow focus and I’m bowing out with a plate of vibrant and colorful roasted vegetables.

I roasted some beets, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, orange peppers and celery with a splash of olive oil and some dried basil and thyme.  I threw in some roasted seaweed sheets that I love plus a little fresh mozzarella to bring the plate together and make it a more substantial meal.

Celery is absolutely delicious roasted and has tons of nutritional properties such as being low in calories (making it very snack worthy) and high in Vitamin K which is crucial for regulating blood flow and maintaining bone strength.


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all the varied colors of the fresh fruit and vegetables as much I have done presenting them.  Have a great day!


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