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Snack the Rainbow: Veggies

Just looking at this plate makes me smile :).  Strictly speaking this is a rather large plate of snacks (!) but I’m going with it anyway.  There are so many different colors here, from the crunchy red radishes to the bell peppers x2 and lovely refreshing cucumbers.  To make it more satisfying I added a little smoked salmon.

I’m also really enjoying Kombucha right now, a sparkling probiotic drink that’s good for digestion as well as complimenting this plate.

Have a great day!



  1. Wow that plate of snacks looks amazing! It’s packed with plant based, healthy nourishment and I love it! Also-kombucha is my new obsession as well 😀 I’ve been brewing my own kombucha at home for about a month now, and I’m planning on checking on it today. Thanks for sharing!

      1. Yes, you can! But i already have kefir grains and Viili, didn’t want to have another culture at home. It’s easy to take care of, I’ve read. Maybe I’ll give a try one day. Till then i will look at this posts and dream of having somenthing like it around here 😛

    1. Thanks! I believe you can buy the GT’s brand of kombucha at Costco. What a beautiful place you live in 🙂 Good luck finding Kombucha!

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