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The Rainbow Connection: Beet Hummus & Roasted Veggies

This week I’m focusing my blog posts on eating the colors of the rainbow.  Why?  Because there are significant health benefits from eating a variety of colorful ingredients.

Richly colored vegetables and fruit contain antioxidants as well as fiber, masses of vitamins and essential minerals too.

Today’s rainbow lunch dish consists of some brown rice cakes with my own beet hummus, some roasted brussel sprouts and carrots plus some eggs (as I didn’t have anything else that was yellow in the fridge today – there’s always tomorrow!).

This beet hummus is a blend of whole cooked beets, some olive oil, some chickpeas, garlic and sesame seeds.  I blended all the ingredients until the texture was to my liking and then seasoned it well with salt and pepper.

Have a great day!


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