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Busy Izzie’s Peanut Butter Cups


Peanut butter cups are one of those absolutely delicious treats that our 11 year old Izzie is extremely fond of.  The shop bought variety has some processed ingredients that are not ideal so Izzie made her own yesterday using pretty clean ingredients.

With only natural peanut butter (with a little salt added), 70% dark chocolate and some coconut oil she reproduced them and in my opinion upgraded the flavor!  It’s a simple cooking method – a melted chocolate base that’s frozen first in silicone muffin cups, then topped with the PB and then chilled before being covered with the remainder of the melted chocolate.  Freeze for an extra 30 minutes before serving.

Coconut oil is a really wonderful cupboard staple, very useful in replacing butter and other processed oils.  It’s very good for the skin when eaten to help stop it from cracking and drying.  Excellent for the winter weather.



  1. This is great! I love anything pb – especially candy! But I’m always wary of eating candy because who knows what’s in those candy wrappers? This is a great idea, Shadee! Your daughter Izzie is so lucky to have a such a creative and health-conscious mom! Have a great Sunday! xo, Steph

      1. You’re welcome! You deserve it – your posts are always so high quality. They really show how much effort and time you put into the blog. Have a great rest of the week! Xo, Steph

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