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Bird food: Oatmeal with Peanut Butter, Dried Fruit & Seeds

Bird food is how my better half describes all the nuts and seeds that I eat for breakfast and snacks 🐓. Joking aside, he’s embraced the benefits that nuts and seeds bring to the body and now enjoys them with his cereal at breakfast.

FullSizeRender-1This pic shows my Saturday breakfast.  I had some nourishing rolled oats topped with some peanut butter, dried fruit and nuts plus flax, chia and sesame seeds.  I also added a mixed berry, banana and kale smoothie for good measure.

Flax and Chia seeds offer Omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber and plenty of antioxidants to boost and protect the immune system.  Flaxseeds should, strictly speaking, be eaten ground to provide the greatest nutritional benefits (in my pic they’re presented whole).




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