3 Super Foods for Super Women

Today marks International Women’s Day and here at IK we’d like to promote some great food items that help maintain women’s health and wellbeing.  Women can become and stay strong and healthy at every stage of life and food has a huge impact on this.

Here are my 3 favorite foods for women’s health:

  • Dark green leafy vegetables:  Collard greens and broccoli for example are low in calories and contain natural steroids that maintain hormonal balance.  They also contain the nutrient folate which is vital in pregnancy for brain function development in babies.  Leafy greens are also full of antioxidants that protect cells (including skin) from ageing (and I’m all for anti-ageing miracles!).
  • Oily fish:  Fish such as salmon and tuna contain Omega 3 fatty acids which help with maintaining a healthy heart and with protection from brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Beans:  Beans are extremely nutrient dense in all their wonderful varieties (black beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils etc.) and are a really good source of calcium and iron.  As women age, they need calcium to help protect their  bones as well as sufficient levels of iron throughout their lives (pregnancy, after labor and menstrual cycles can affect the body’s iron supply).

The IK team celebrates all women today and everyday because let’s face it, (and to quote Beyoncé) who runs the world? Girls.  💚


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