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Eat Well to Feel Swell

Research carried out by scientists at Imperial College London has shown that eating 800g of fruit and vegetables per day greatly reduces the risk of many chronic illnesses such as heart disease, some cancers and strokes. 800g??  That’s 10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, yes PER DAY!

Now getting this amount of f&v is a challenge for many people but I think that simply upping your daily intake is a great step towards protecting the body.

Combining fruit and vegetables in green juices and smoothies and also eating salad with lunch or dinner alongside other cooked veggies are ways to increase intake without too much hassle or time spent prepping food.  Pure fruit juice and dried fruit are also good choices for snacking.


Some great choices for fresh produce intake

For more information on this research as well as a very helpful chart showing what 10 portions of fresh produce looks like, click on this link directing you to the Imperial College website- Imperial College London study on fruit and vegetables to prevent serious illness.


  1. I’m known by my childhood friends and family friends to be the fruit monster. While I didn’t necessarily love veggies, I LOVED LOVED fruit (and still do now). I think one way to get into eating more servings of fruit and veggies is to perhaps make a smoothie. It makes the f&v much easier to consume for those who aren’t particularly fond of it. Thanks for sharing! xo, Stephanie

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