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My kitchen cupboards are permanently jammed full of breakfast cereal boxes.  The junior team members of IKHQ (aged 11 and 9 respectively) are cereal eaters as is my better half.  I’m more of an oatmeal, coffee and eggs for breakfast type of gal 🍳  ☕️.

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day so I keep careful track of the ingredients that make up boxed cereals to make sure they’re eating a healthy one.


Here are my tips for amping up nutrition at breakfast time:

  • Wholegrain cereals:  My kids like Shredded Wheat and Weetabix so I make sure to get the wholegrain varieties and my better half usually has cereal with a combo of wholegrains and seeds like flax and chia (he calls it his hippie-dippie bird seed breakfast 🐓).  Wholegrain cereals provide necessary fiber which our bodies need for good digestive health.
  • Low added sugar:  Almost all breakfast cereals have added sugar so I try to get ones that have the lowest grams of added sugar per portion.  We add fruit (fresh and dried) to breakfast cereal to give them the hit of sweetness.
  • Enriched breakfast cereals:  The good quality cereals are enriched or fortified with vitamins and minerals for added nutrition.
  • Recommended serving size:  I keep to the serving size recommended on the box and then add toppings such as fruit, nuts and seeds, sugar-free granola and yogurt to satisfy morning hunger pangs.  This way the breakfast is cleaner, leaner and provides the energy required to power through a morning of work and study.

Leaving you with a quote I read recently about cereal – “Middle age is when you choose the cereal for the fiber, not the toy” 😂 😭.


  1. Haha, I love that quote that you put at the end there! So funny! For my cereals, I usually do a cup of rice chex cereal, but since that’s pretty bland (but relatively healthy as there is barely any other ingredients and no excess of sugar added), I slice some bananas in there and top it with almond milk. It’s always great once in a while and snuggle with a good book and just chow down some cereal. Thanks for sharing! xo, Stephanie

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