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A Good Egg: The Best Veggie Breakfast

I love this old-fashioned expression.  It’s used to describe someone who’s a solid and decent person.

In nutrition terms, eggs are certainly solid and decent ingredients.  It’s amazing that something so ordinary is chock-a-block full of nutritional benefits such as these:

  • Eggs are high quality protein.  Proteins are the main building blocks of the human body and a single large egg contains about 6 grams.  Eggs contain all the essential amino acids in the right ratios, so our bodies can make full use of the protein in them.  Eating adequate protein can help with weight loss, increase muscle mass, lower blood pressure and optimize bone health.  So cool.
  • A single large boiled egg also contains:

Vitamin A: 6% of the RDA.

Folate: 5% of the RDA.

Vitamin B5: 7% of the RDA.

Vitamin B12: 9% of the RDA.

Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA.

Phosphorus: 9% of the RDA.

Selenium: 22% of the RDA.

  • Eggs also contain decent amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium and Zinc.

So the case for eating eggs could not be more clear.

The men at IK HQ cook an excellent vegetarian breakfast like the one in this pic, with lovely scrambled eggs, immune system boosting mushrooms and vitamin packed tomatoes.  What better way to start one’s Saturday?  Enjoy the weekend!



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