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The Raw End of the Deal: Top 5 Delicious Raw Vegetables

Here at Izzie’s Kitchen we have a never-ending debate as to the preferred way to serve and eat vegetables.

Now I like to prepare and eat them in their most natural state because a) you get all the nutritional benefits of the raw produce and b) it saves on cooking time!  However the other members of the IK team prefer their veggies cooked although a salad dressed with a delicious zesty dressing never fails to hit the spot.

So apart from the usual suspects of salad ingredients, what other vegetables can be eaten in their natural beneficial state and still taste good?  Here are 5 good ones:

Brussel Sprouts:  These chaps are so delicious shredded into a coleslaw mix and so much more appealing than their boiled counterparts.

Zucchini:  You can shave these into ribbons to go on pizzas or as part of a salad.

Collard Greens:  Since moving to the US, I’ve discovered these absolutely amazing greens that are usually braised gently and which have the same earthy flavor as kale.  Like raw kale, you can toss thinly sliced collard greens into a mixed salad and dress with a strong tasting dressing.

Asparagus: You can shave the stems into a lighter tasting salad.  Yummy and pretty too.

Corn:  When fresh corn is at its peak and in season, the raw kernels taste much better than the cooked ones.




  1. Wow! I’ve never been one to be interested in raw foods. I’ve definitely heard of the benefits of this sort of diet. How is it working for you? I loove my Brussels sprouts and corn steamed but I’m wondering how it tastes raw? Xo, Stephanie

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