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The Running Man: Pancakes with Bacon & Honey


My 9 year old son has joined a track club and every Saturday morning he now trains and then competes in short and middle distance racing.  He absolutely loves it and what’s even better is that the indoor track he runs on is housed in an incredible ex National Guard Armory building in Brooklyn.  I love the fact that the YMCA here in New York (that I have come to love for its fantastic promotion of health and fitness programs for all ages) has been able to use this historic building for sporting activities.

Here is my son Charlie running in the yellow shirt.

To fuel his running, a breakfast of champions is called for and here is one I made earlier :). Bacon is massive treat in our house (only cooked on high days and holidays)  but here I relented and added it to fluffy American style pancakes made with whole grain flour, topped with berries and a drizzle of honey (Jamie Oliver has a good recipe) and my better half’s gold standard scrambled eggs.


So what are the nutritional benefits of this plate of yumminess for an athlete?  You have a double hit of protein from the eggs and bacon (I drained all the cooking fat from the meat) which is great for growing and repairing muscles, lots of carbs from the pancakes which provide energy plus some great vitamins and minerals from the mixed berries.

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