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Avocado 4.0: Great Ways with My Favorite Fruit

It’s been a LONG week what with one thing and another (busy family life, having a bit of a cold and the US Presidential Election falling on my birthday of all days 😞.)  I’ve only just opened the laptop to blog and today, I’m on the subject of avocados again (seriously the best fruit ever).

I’ve got a glut of avocados in the kitchen right now and whilst they take their sweet time to ripen, I’ve gone back to my nutrition studies notes to remind myself how this versatile ingredient can be used (apart from in guacamole).  Here are a few ways:

Swap a meat or dairy ingredient for avocado in salads: Try avocado instead of pork or chicken in a salad to give it some weight.  It gives you the same satisfying feeling for a sustained period of time.

Alternative for Cream or Oil in Salad Dressings:  This is great as you can substitute avocado and blend it with other traditional ingredients for really delicious dressing that will work well with just about any salad.

Mayonnaise swap:  Using a blended or mashed ripe avocado instead of mayonnaise in an egg salad or chicken sandwich is really, really good.  You get the hit of nutrients from the avocado (fiber, potassium plus an abundance of vitamins) and a creamy taste that’s better for you then standard mayonnaise.

Smoothie ingredient:  Avocado is a great base for smoothies as it adds substance to a fresh smoothie making it more satisfying.

Dessert ingredient:  Again the creamy texture of avocado when blended is a healthy substitute for cream in desserts like chocolate mousse.

Make it look pretty on the plate:  Avocado is a naturally pretty fruit – the flesh inside is a vibrant color and you can present it really beautifully (if you’ve got the patience) to make an everyday ingredient something special to eat.

Here is the link to a Chocolate Avocado Mousse I’ve previously published.

Have a great day everybody!



      1. You’re welcome. Great post by the way. Love how you showcased the versatility of avocados. Especially the idea about egg salad, etc. Mayo is out for me. 🙂

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