Got Too Much Candy?

The simple answer is YES. Β  Monday night’s super fun Halloween Trick or Treating in the local neighborhood was pretty awesome. Β We had costumes of all sorts and Trick or Treaters of all ages.

The generosity of our neighbors in handing out lots of candy resulted in the most ridiculously large haul of sweets and chocolate by my 2 children 😱. Β I was flabbergasted really as I didn’t think 2 small people could gather this much in 2 hours. Β It doesn’t look too bad in the photo but that’sΒ not all of it! Β Ugh.


So what to do with all of this? Β Clearly a) they’ll never get through it all and it will go stale in the back of the cupboard b) they’ll never be allowed to consume this much added sugar and c) it’s making me feel really weird + guilty looking at it.

I’ve found out that you can donate packaged candy to non-profit organizations that send Halloween confectionery to US troops overseas (plus their families & veterans) and to children’s charities such as Ronald Mcdonald House. Β Your local homeless shelters, retirement and nursing homes can also be a good source for donations so you can contact them to see if they’ll take packages. You can also include photos and letters in some of the candy packages.

Here are details for some of these non-profit organizations:

Operation Gratitude

Operation Stars and Stripes

Operation Shoebox

Ronald McDonald House

Have a great day everybody πŸ™‚

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