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How to Have a Great Day: Great Breakfast Ideas


Mornings are tricky for many people.  I used to balk at the idea of frankly eating ANYTHING in the mornings, I was always so sleepy, grumpy, in a massive hurry to get out of the door etc.  Then of course I’d be starving and even more grumpy by mid morning and bad snacking habits would come into play.

This went on for years until l learnt that skipping breakfast seriously affects your health and wellbeing (the sustained consequences can lead to elevated blood pressure levels and a significantly raised risk of diabetes).

I know I have blogged about this the importance of breakfast before but I am a strong believer in the benefits of eating well in the mornings.  Nowadays I make sure to have a substantial carbohydrate packed meal with plenty of fiber, some protein and lots of fruit and/or veggies mixed in.  This gives me more energy at a busy time of the day, better concentration levels and my mood is vastly improved.  I can also keep control of my weight in this way.

You can do a lot with breakfast choices that involve very little preparation for those of us who are time strapped in the am.  Here’s a great list on of breakfast ingredients and items that you can mix and match to your preferences.  Hope it helps and do have a really great day!




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