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Eat Your Way to Stress Relief: Foods to help with stress


I’ve had a rather stressful morning which, by pure luck has ended well.  Basically I managed to loose my cell phone whilst out in the pouring rain.  I retraced my steps but had no luck finding it so then went to the local police precinct to get some help.  The kind precinct receptionist dialed my cell number to see if anyone would pick up & lo and behold, a lady answered saying she’d found my now soaking wet phone on the street and was waiting for the owner to ring.  My faith in humanity restored, I ran over to her house and collected it repeatedly thanking her for basically saving the day.  My whole life is on that phone so you can imagine how grateful I was!!

When you’ve had a stressful day or are worried a little about one thing or another, one of the best ways to relieve that stress and anxiety without any pills etc. is through food.  There are some foods such as oranges with Vitamin C or avocados with Vitamin B6 which can really relieve those upsetting anxiety symptoms.

Here’s a useful link to about 8 top foods that help with stress.

Have a great weekend everybody 🙂



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