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Mineral Wealth: Top 10 ways to ensure you’re taking enough Zinc

Our body need a variety of vitamins and minerals through food to keep it healthy and happy and Zinc is one of those vital micronutrients.

Zinc is a mineral nutrient that we need to take, amongst other things, to help heal wounds, to help with your senses of smell and taste as well as with the synthesis of protein and DNA. More than anything else,  Zinc is a really important nutrient for its immune boosting properties as it helps your body fight infection.

photolibrary_rf_photo_of_fresh_seafoodSo what are the best ways to take in zinc through food?  Here’s a link on that gives the 10 best foods with plenty of zinc like shellfish.  Any opportunity to eat zinc-rich shellfish as beautiful as the ones in this photo is fine by me!


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